1 x 60’

Year of Production


Production Company

Spin Free Productions and CTV Television Inc

Commissioned By

CTV Canada



Rush hour is not just an hour any more. Drivers all over the world fume as they sit in traffic jams. We’re going nowhere slowly and as we do, our blood pressure rises and so does the risk of heart attacks and lung disease. Gridlock explores new solutions to sitting in traffic jams. The old solution of building more roads is not working as they have just filled up with cars. More public transit would help a lot; but not enough for all those people coming in from distant suburbs. Gridlock explores the mysteries of the phantom jam; the kind of congestion that seems to appear suddenly for no good reason, then dissipates again. What about taking the driver out of driving by developing the ultimate cruise control? That’s where we’re heading: we’ve got night vision, advanced braking systems, alerts that tell us we’re straying from our lane – all to help us avoid those inevitable accidents that cause backups down the highway.