Halifax Retribution


8 x 60'

Year of Production


Production Company

Beyond Lonehand Production

Commissioned By

Nine Network Australia



Jane Halifax returns to profile a killer no-one can see

A sniper who leaves no trace is terrorising the city and Jane Halifax (Rebecca Gibney) is approached by the Head of Task Force Stingray – Inspector Tom Saracen (Anthony LaPaglia) – to help find the killer. 

It’s almost twenty years since Jane worked with the police. Her life now is what many would describe as complete. Does she really want to change all that now? When Jane receives a threatening letter she dismisses it as the work of a crank. But when someone close is shockingly murdered, she has to confront a terrible possibility that twenty years later the worst of the criminals she helped put away are finally being released. Forced to go back into the files and nightmares of her past, another possibility emerges. The murder may be linked to the shooter, or worse, to secrets from the past. 

A suspenseful crime mystery in eight parts, HALIFAX Retribution brings Jane Halifax back to the world she has never been able to leave: sleuthing her way to the truth behind the most diabolical criminal minds.