Hot Cities


8 x 60’

Year of Production


Production Company

Rockhopper TV

Commissioned By

BBC World News



Many of the world’s biggest cities face the danger of rising sea levels, dwindling water supplies and a lack of food – an explosive mix that could leave millions starving and homeless. Cities are big drivers of climate change and even more vulnerable to its effects. Hot Cities travels the world from Lagos to Los Angeles, Shanghai to Surat and Paris to Peru in order to analyse the most significant threat the planet faces. Follow the personal stories on the frontline of climate change, meet the scientists and researchers who are urgently investigating how much our world has been affected and see the politicians who have to come up with solutions and policies to help nations and communities survive. Hot Cities looks at how ingenious people have adapted their lives and surroundings to cope with climate change. 

A one-hour documentary City Limits: America on the Edge is also available.