Hyper Parents & Coddled Kids


1 x 60’

Year of Production


Production Company

Dreamfilm Productions

Commissioned By

CBC Canada



Kids today are the most overprotected, overindulged and overscheduled in history. Are today’s well-meaning parents giving the next generation a competitive edge or creating new problems that will last a lifetime? Gone are the days when children spent hours playing outside on their own, aimlessly exploring the world. Parents are now more obsessed with making sure their child stays ahead of the pack, in what can seem more like product development than childrearing. This documentary looks inside the world of hyper-parenting – a trend that began in the early 80s and continues to spiral out of control worldwide. This is a snapshot of today’s parenting methods whose full results will not be known for years. Will the pendulum swing back or will parents continue to up the ante and escalate hyper-parenting to a point not yet imagined?