Pati’s Mexican Table


78 x 30’

Year of Production

2014 – 2019

Production Company

WETA Washington DC and Mexican Table in association with Follow Productions

Commissioned By




Pati’s Mexican Table explores the breadth of Mexican cooking and the creative possibilities of authentic ingredients, regardless of where in the world the viewer’s kitchen may be. Host Pati Jinich shares the tastes of her childhood and culinary adventures in her native country. Pati gives an insider’s perspective into Mexico as she explores the hottest restaurants, food stands, markets and vineyards. Then back in the kitchen she turns this inspiration into mouth-watering dishes that are so simple anyone can make them. Get ready for recipes such as Mexican chocolate doughnuts, Tex Mex chilli, honey chipotle ribs and grilled pineapple margaritas. Pati has a bestselling cookbook of the same name, has cooked for President Barack Obama and is a familiar face on US television. This series invites cooks of all stripes from around the world to be creative in their own Mexican-inspired kitchens.

Series 8

In this latest series, Pati travels to a region of Mexico largely unseen by the outside world, the state of Sinaloa, considered Mexico's breadbasket. Exploring by road, sea, train, foot, and even mule, she’ll learn why the people of Sinaloa are so proud of their regional cuisine, traditional sourcing and cooking techniques, and unique ingredients. Pati also continues her exploration of the evolution of Mexican food in the USA with a stop in Tucson to taste some of its Mexican favourites.

Series 7

Series 7 of Pati's Mexican Table will transport viewers to the breathtaking Baja California Peninsula - a place with a unique history, a regional cuisine in the making, and elegant simplicity. Pati will explain the legends, history, and uses of ingredients and dishes unique to the region, and show viewers how they can create easy, accessible Baja-inspired menus at home.

Series 6

Series 6 of Pati’s Mexican Table takes chef Pati Jinich to one the most traveled and talked about regions in all of Mexico, the vibrant and beautiful state of Oaxaca. Known as of one of Mexico’s top culinary destinations, Pati goes on an indepth tour, tasting everything from chocolates to cheeses, to moles and mezcal, and exploring the very best of what the area has to offer. It’s a brand new season with exciting new adventures, delicious new recipes, and the same food-passionate super-mum at the centre of all the fun.

Series 5

In Series 5, Pati sets out to explore the Maya world in the Yucatan Peninsula. Embarking on a road trip that will cross three states, Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo, Pati meets with local producers, growers and chefs, both in restaurants and in their homes, to learn about the unique cuisine of the region. From visiting remote fishermen’s villages to historic haciendas, to bustling markets and pre-Hispanic ruins and underground cenotes, Series 5 goes deeper than ever before.

Series 4

The Fourth Season debuts with four full episodes filmed entirely in Mexico, a first for the series. We travel along with Pati and her family as they visit one of Mexico’s most beautiful and delicious destinations, San Miguel de Allende in the state of Guanajuato. Throughout the season, we try to keep up with Pati as she explores the hottest restaurants, taco stands, markets, vineyards, and meets some of the local purveyors – everything that makes this one of Mexico’s best food cities. She also visits the charming city of Guanajuato and can’t help but go back to Mexico City. Then, in the kitchen, she’ll use inspiration from her trip to turn out more of the mouthwatering and uncomplicated recipes she has become so well known for.

Series 3

Pati takes a decidedly different direction in Season 3. While her bold Mexican flavors and insightful knowledge of the stories behind them continue to guide the shows, Pati takes viewers more deeply into her native country and her own home in Washington, DC, and family life. Pati brings viewers along as she reconnects with her father in his restaurant in downtown Mexico City and her oldest sister in the restaurant she runs. She also travels to the state of Michoacán, where she eats her way through Quiroga, “the Carnitas Capital of the World,” meets Butterfly Net Fishermen in Pátzcuaro, visits women chefs in their restaurants in the state’s capital, Morelia, and more. She also lets us in on more of her day-to-day home life with regular appearances by her family and friends.

Series 3: 13 x 30' 2014
Series 4: 13 x 30' 2015
Series 5: 13 x 30' 2016
Series 6: 13 x 30' 2017
Series 7: 13 x 30' 2018
Series 8: 13 x 30' 2019

Winner (2018): Outstanding Personality/Host, James Beard Awards
Nominated (2017): Best Informational Program, Imagen Foundation Awards
Nominated (2016): Best Culinary Series and Outstanding Host, Emmy Awards