Sext Up Kids


1 x 60’

Year of Production


Production Company

Dream Street Pictures

Commissioned By

CBC Canada



Sext Up Kids reveals how our hyper-sexualised culture has hijacked childhood and tallies the cost of the pressure to be sexy too soon. From tiny tots strutting bikini-clad bodies in beauty pageants to companies marketing itty- bitty thongs and padded bras to nine-year olds, images of ever-younger sexualised girls have become commonplace. Increasingly, younger boys have 24-7 access to hard-core internet porn. By the time they're eighteen, 80% of boys are watching porn online. Toss social media into the mix and kids can produce, as well as consume, X-rated images now. ‘Sexting’ has become a Grade 7 rite of passage. Sext Up Kids exposes how growing up in a hyper-sexualised culture hurts our kids. For every parent who thinks, “That’s not my son or daughter,” Sext Up Kids is your wake up call.