The Torque Show


10 x 30’

Year of Production

2006 – 2007

Production Company

Top Shelf Productions

Commissioned By

Prime TV New Zealand



The Torque Show is a high adrenaline series that gears up to challenge the automotive world with an unbiased attitude and a critical eye. There are no extreme makeovers, no wannabe pop stars and the hottest bodies you’ll be seeing throughout the series will be made out of steel! Rather than standing around kicking tyres and looking at plastic engine covers, three intrepid and opinionated presenters will be getting their greasy hands all over the cars you’ll want to see – from Ferraris to Fords and everything in between. With a mix of car reviews, investigative pieces, events and a whole lot of burnt rubber, rev-heads and everyday drivers alike can be guaranteed that The Torque Show will provide them with the petrol fix they need!